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Our Concept

fitVenture are outdoor fitness tours based on functional fitness, H.I.I.T. and endurance training. Invented in 2014 by the internationally experienced personal trainer, Marcel Schade, all tours are being conducted by a qualified personal trainer and a local guide. Together they combine their expertise and lead you away from the city to the impressive scenery of Australia's national parks. Dive into the nature: bush walking, physical exercises in the stunning nature. It is about fun, adventure and teamwork!

The extraordinary about fitVenture is the combination of fitness and adventure: there is no controlled workout routine. It is up to you if you push yourself to the limit. We use natural “equipment“ like trees, stones and our bodyweight for powerful workouts. You never know what comes next...

Thanks to the accurately conducted track selection by our knowledgeable local guides you will discover particularly beautiful spots apart from the well known routes. You will experience Australia's nature in a very special and individual way.

A unique experience in the nature, stunning lookouts and challenging functional workouts - this is fitVenture!

Leaving the city behind


Fitness training in a completely different way: out of the city and (back) into the wilderness!

Apart from city skyscrapers, hectic lifestyle, cramped gyms and the usual bootcamp
routine fitVenture offers you the chance to be active and to connect with nature.


fitVenture is suitable for almost everyone. The versatile and challenging workouts are designed to consider different fitness levels. One physical condition is that you must be able to walk/run for 5 hours. Find more requirements: FAQ.

The fitVenture activities offer you the chance to challenge yourself and to hit your personal limit. If you are a casual sportsman, gym member, CrossFitter, Tough Mudder etc you are very welcome to test your skills!


About us

Your personal trainers

Marcel, the founder and owner of fitVenture works as personal trainer, loves to be outdoors and is a passionate advocator of functional fitness.

As former soldier with the German army he knows and admires the advantages of physical activities “out there”. He combines his personal excitement for sports with his passion to motivate people in order to achieve common goals. Some years ago, Marcel took the first step during his active term of service, studied and certified successfully to work as a personal trainer in the future.

Nowadays Marcel is an internationally certified personal trainer and holds several qualifications in the health and fitness industry (GER, AUS, USA). With his expertise, experience and knowledge he thinks outside the box and combines the best fitness ideologies.

In order to regard the human being in a holistic way Marcel is also certified beyond the pure sportive areas as nutritionist and massage therapist. Furthermore he offers his clients holistic regeneration- and relaxation techniques, manual therapies and hypnosis.

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Katharina is a pioneer in sports and fitness education in Europe with over 13 years experience.

She is skilled and trained as group fitness instructor, health coach and personal trainer.

Katharina is very famous for her unique teaching style and her love for helping people to get into the best shape of their lives.

She used to work as a PT, snowboard and mountain guide in the famous Black Forest in Germany and the beautiful ski resorts Saint Moritz / Davos in Switzerland.

Katharina enjoys being up-to-date in the fitness world so she joins different seminars and workshops from time to time.

Furthermore she is running her own yoga, detox, transformation, pilates, meditation, creativity and fitness retreats worldwide to support people to reconnect to nature and their life purpose.

Another passion of Katharina is to be outdoors. She loves to combine the sporty fitVenture tour with some yoga moments in the stunning nature - you will enjoy it.

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Victor has always been a lover of the outdoors, fitness and movement in general. With over 25 years experience in competitive sports such as, football, bicycle racing, running, swimming and Triathlons , he has always complimented his training with functional/primal movement patterns and witnessed and experienced great results with these methods.

In doing so, Victor went on and developed Naturafitness, his own personal training/group training and wellness business.

Victor has now teamed up with fit venture to bring to you a dynamic/varied physical movement challenge, sure to challenge you physically yet stimulate you mentally, in some of the most beautiful natural settings close to Sydney.

Unleash your primal self, let go and enjoy an experience like no other. Learn to reconnect with Nature!

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Your local guide


After a not so illustrious career of 15 years as a journalist in Belgium, Jelle decided in 1996 that it was time for a sea change and moved to Bondi Beach.

In 2004, he set up Australia's first social activity network. Since then, Jelle has developed, lead or participated in more than 1000 activities - anything from contemporary art gallery tours and pub crawls in Sydney and Melbourne, to kayaking and bushwalking weekends in many national parks and cycling trips through the country sides around all capital cities of Australia.

Over the years he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about Sydney, and its natural and cultural gems - a knowledge which allows him to deliver our fitVenture participants unforgettable experiences of learning and discovery.

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Our Happy Clients

  • I never did a workout in the Blue Mountains before. After this workout I had the most enjoyable post-training-feeling ever! Pure nature and fun exercises made my fitVenture-day! Thank you Marcel for this awesome and unforgettable experience. Even though it was exhausting, I felt very happy after this absolutely special training. Highly recommended!


    Brand manager - Likes cycling -

  • This tour was one of the best tracks I had during my workouts. I love challenges, did Tough Mudder and I am keen to go for the unexpected. Thanks to the coach the day was an intense workout and the perfect addition for my Tough Mudder training. Picked up new exercises and useful infos! Thanks to Marcel and Jelle for this tough day! Seb


    Plumber - Likes Tough Mudder -

  • I am running for 20 years now and have to say that the tour in the Blue Mountains was one of the best tracks to run. The combination of personal trainer and tour guide was perfect. All senses were challenged in a wonderful environment. The workouts were demanding but doable. I also got important tips for my own training routine and since then I improved my running performance. For my next vacation in Australia I am looking forward to training with Marcel again. mtfbwy Ingrid


    Health economist - Likes running -

  • An awesome experience! I did fitVenture after having PT-sessions with Marcel for a while. The group was fun and I really can't remember the last time I climbed a tree 🙂 This workout in the woods was a new challenge for me and such a good feeling to scratch the limit. Thanks to the guides. Highly recommendable and definitely the new highlight of my workout routine! *****


    Data analyst - Likes personal training with Marcel -

Our partners

  • Functional fitness in the nature

    The unique concept of fitVenture offers you the opportunity to workout in the nature. You can push your skills to go beyond your limits and enjoy functional group training while interacting with the surroundings. There is nothing like exercising in pure nature!

  • Guided bush walking

    Your fitVenture will be routed by one knowledgeable local guide. Get beyond the overcrowded lookouts to beautiful hidden spots and enjoy an unforgettable experience of learning and discovery in the nature!

  • Enjoy our all-round package

    Relax and lay back: During the comfortable transport from Sydney you hear interesting information about our destination’s nature and history. Our all-round package also includes healthy snacks after the workout on the way back to Sydney.

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