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Q: What is fitVenture?
A: Read more: What is fitVenture?

Q: Who conducts fitVenture?
A: Read more: About us

Q: Where does fitVenture take place?
A: National Parks in New South Wales. See tour details.

Q: At a glance, what are the general requirements?
A: - general good health, able to walk/run for at least five hours
- keen to perform some physical exercises
- backpack or similar storage for your drinks and snacks (you should feel comfortable to run with your gear)
- short- or full-finger-gloves (e.g. fitness or bike gloves)
- comfortable hiking boots, running shoes etc (you should feel comfortable to walk/run with your shoes).
- weather adapted, comfortable clothes
- sun protection
- spare clothes (if rainy)

Q: Am I fit enough?
A: It is required to be in general good health and to be able to walk and run from time to time for at least five hours in wooded terrain. In addition you should be keen to perform physical exercises.

Q: I am under 18. Can I participate?
A: Participants under the age of 18 must have a tour waiver form completed by their parent or guardian and bring it on the day of the tour.

Q: How do I physically prepare for fitVenture?
A: There is no specific preparation necessary if you feel fit in general. We recommend functional and cardio training.

Q: Where and when is the pick up?
A: See tour details in the shop or check your emails (incl. SPAM folder) if you signed up.

Q: What is the duration of a fitVenture tour?
A: The answer is part of the adventure: We never know exactly. Roughly 8-10 hours.

Q: We are a group of people, is there is special offer?
A: Yes, there is a refer-a-friend discount up to 6 participants, which will be automatically deducted during the online booking. If you wish to enjoy an exclusive tour for a private or corporate group, please use the corporate contact form to receive an individual offer.

Q: Is fitVenture suitable for corporate events and/or team building?
A: Yes, it is. There is a special program which endorses team building.

Q: The other participants are too slow for me. Can I go ahead?
A: Depends on the situation. Ask your trainer. In general: “A team is only as strong as it's weakest member”.

Q: What kind of exercises to expect during the tour?
A: Walking, running, functional exercises, H.I.I.T.

Q: Dangerous animals?
A: Yes, there might be. Ask our guides, they will inform you what to expect and how to behave.

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: We will proceed as planned. Make sure you bring/wear weather adapted clothes.

Q: What happens if a big storm or other extreme weather condition is predicted?
A: You will be informed about the cancellation. If unsure, contact us!

Q: What happens if an accident occurs during the tour?
A: Our trainers and guides are qualified first aiders and will act according to the situation.

Q: Where do I find pictures and footage of the last tour?
A: Gallery
Upload and share your pictures and videos in our groups:

fitVenture Service What we do

  • Functional fitness in the nature

    The unique concept of fitVenture offers you the opportunity to workout in the nature. You can push your skills to go beyond your limits and enjoy functional group training while interacting with the surroundings. There is nothing like exercising in pure nature!

  • Guided bush walking

    Your fitVenture will be routed by one knowledgeable local guide. Get beyond the overcrowded lookouts to beautiful hidden spots and enjoy an unforgettable experience of learning and discovery in the nature!

  • Enjoy our all-round package

    Relax and lay back: During the comfortable transport from Sydney you hear interesting information about our destination’s nature and history. Our all-round package also includes healthy snacks after the workout on the way back to Sydney.


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